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The choice as to whether to make your next corporate video in either 3D animation or live action can be a complicated one, and is more detailed than just a debate over which is superior.

However in the case of 3D animation it is the case that there are at least five challenges that are faced by live videos that are solved by using 3D animation instead.

Stylish and simple

One of the challenges faced by corporate videos to get across the message they want to send to viewers as quickly and easily as possible, particularly when the idea that is being expressed can be quite complicated.

Boiling down the message into its most relevant and important points is a challenge that is best solved by animation.

Many modern technological and online businesses choose to make their corporate videos 3D animations because they are better at explaining to customers the value that they can offer them.

Animation is a powerful and flexible canvas that any brand can use to express itself with, whether they are looking for a clean, traditional and professional visage or a more, friendly and cartoony one.

Explaining the abstract

A corporate video that needs to explain an idea that is not so much complicated as abstract can also benefit much more from the use of 3D animation.

Live action can be great for a product that is tangible, but with more intangible services animation is can explain a step-by-step process such as e-services in a way that would be impossible to pull off in a live video.

Animation uses less equipment

Live action corporate video producers have a lot of things that they need to take under consideration, particularly in regards to the equipment they will need to make that video.

This equipment can include several different video cameras, lights, audio equipment and tripods, all of which will need to be present when the video is being shot.

Making a 3d animated video on the other hand is a lot less complicated. With just a computer and the right software, a video production company can produce a world class 3D animated video.

When you need to make changes

Sometimes a video is made, but something isn’t quite right and changes will be needed.

Whether the changes required are large or small, it is much easier to alter a 3D animation than it is a live action video.

In order to alter a live action production, producers may require all of the people involved in the original video as well as the right props and the same amount of equipment as when the video was first being shot.

If changes are required in a 3D animation on the other hand, the program just has to be booted up again and the producers can change whatever it is that needs to be changed.

Changing a video made in 3D animation is a lot less expensive than changing one made in live action.

Being creative

Creativity is incredibly important but also incredibly challenging when making a corporate video which, after all, will usually have a specific goal.

Making a 3D animation however opens up the limits of creativity for such videos in a way that a live action production would never be able to match.

Live action is limited by a number of factors including the weather, suitable locations and even by the limits of actual reality.

3D animation on the other hand can provide a corporate video with the appearance of a big budget live action Hollywood film with just a few clicks on the mouse.

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