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Zaini Media is one of the most dynamic and innovative corporate video production companies in Dubai. Our company offers high-quality video production services, which are guaranteed to perfectly convey our client’s stories and messages to their audience.

Why choose us?

As a company that prides itself on mutual growth, We are constantly seeking avenues to expand our services to better meet the needs of our clients. In line with this, we have announced our offering of an experienced team for all Dubai corporate video production and animation needs.

We use our animation techniques infused with programming to make interactive experiences come to life. Storytelling is the cornerstone of our value proposition, We can immerse your audiences in a whole new world full of boundless possibilities.


We do it all: frame-by-frame animation, 3d animation, live action, or all meshed into one beautiful piece.


We don’t rent or outsource. It keeps your costs down and helps have a hands-on approach to production hurdles.


Our in-house synergy and render-farm enable us to tackle 24-48 hour projects with ease.

Got a project?

We are one of the most dynamic and innovative corporate video production companies and animation studios in Dubai, we make cutting-edge videos our way to create TV ads, corporate videos, and viral videos that put your story up front with cinematic visuals and catchy storylines.