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Zanimedia, one of the top animation studios in Dubai, specializing in developing highly engaging 2D and 3D animations. From brand storytelling to capturing audiences through animated Dubai commercials to bringing in virtual reality, it’s all under their umbrella of services.

A team of skilled animators, designers, and storytellers works hard to provide audiences with visually stunning animation that touches their souls.

Zanimedia will help your brand business rise to a new level by using animation for architectural visualisation and educational animations from promotional videos. A collaboration that opens up with inspirers so that creativity is connected with brand enhancement in the animation industry.

Our Facilities and Studios

Here at Zaini Media, we take great pride in offering state-of-the-art facilities and studios to drive creativity and innovation in the production of animations. 

  • State-of-the-art technology: Our Studios are fully equipped with the latest hardware and software infrastructure, having industry-standard tools like Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects. This helps in producing top-notch animations and visual effects as per modern digital content creation standards.
  • Dedicated Workspaces: We provide bespoke workspaces for our exceptionally talented teams of animators, designers, and storytellers. In such designed workspaces, the interaction between people is characterized by collaboration and creativity to execute any one project with collective expertise and artistic vision.
  • Sound and recording studios: Apart from the production of animations, our facilities are also equipped with sound and recording studios fully fitted for voice-overs, sound effects, and music composition. In this way, it improves the value of our animations through a flawless audio-visual experience. 
  • Green Screen Facilities: This is a part of the live-action integration and complex scene composition that can be accomplished for different creative ideas. This enhances our ability and thus enables us to come up with dynamic and engaging animations.
  • Client Collaboration Areas: We believe client involvement in the making is fundamental. In our facilities, we provide client collaboration areas where stakeholders would find a proper review of progress and be able to comment on the work thus far towards their vision with complete engagement.
  • Safe Management of Data: Security in our studios is of paramount concern. We maintain top-notch data management practices to ensure that the projects and intellectual property of our clients are safe throughout the production cycle.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: Our studios are based at the very hub of Dubai, thereby assuring ideal accessibility. These grant clients and collaborators great convenience regarding meetings, reviews, or even creative sessions.

Services Offered by Zaini Media

  1. 2D and 3D Animation

At Zaini Media, we have a 2D and 3d animation course in Dubai, seeing that these forms bring another dimension to the vast array of creative visions.

  • 2D Animations: Eye-catching and engrossing 2D animations with themes related to explainer videos, educational purposes, or character-driven stories are created by our crew of expert animators. We do frame-by-frame animating and vector-based animation to create smooth, engaging visuals accompanied by compelling storylines.
  • 3D Animation: We specialize in the more elaborate tasks—bringing out top-of-the-line 3D animations that add dimension and realism to any of your projects. Whether for product visualization, architectural renderings, or full-length animated films, our 3D animations are visually striking and detailed. Using industry-leading software like Autodesk Maya and Blender, we develop animations bringing characters and environments to life in 3D space.
  1. Motion Graphics 

Our motion graphics designs capture eyeballs with vibrant visuals and effectively communicate the message.

  • Dynamic Content: It is pretty easy to add some interest to your video content with motion graphics. We design and animate text, logos, or shapes to create engaging sequences that have a variety of applications in marketing videos, promotional content, and social media campaigns.
  • Storytelling: Fusing graphic design and animation, we can start by creating beautiful, communicative motion graphics for work such as explainer videos or presentations—any content where one has complex ideas to get across in a way easy on the eyes.
  • Branding: Motion graphics will let you improve your brand identity. Branded motion graphics are created in unity with your visual style, which will be very useful for enhancing your brand message, making it instantly recognizable content to customers.
  1. Visual Effects (VFX) 

Our services as VFX companies in Dubai aims to enhance your video narrative via the use of creative and realistic special effects.

  • Special Effects: Starting from explosions and weather effects to other special effects, we cover it all with perfection and realism. Using software like Adobe After Effects and Houdini, we ensure that the effects blend seamlessly with the live-action footage.
  • Compositing: We specialise in composite image making, combining different visual elements to create one scene. It involves green screen keying, digital matte painting, and integration of CGI elements with live-action footage. Our goal is to deliver scenes that look stunning and believable. 
  • Post-Production: Our VFX services also embody all those enhancements made at the post-production stage of episodes, such as colour correction, motion tracking, and rotoscoping. These techniques help in fine-tuning the final product so that each frame turns out picture-perfect.

Choose Zaini Media for Your Animation Needs in Dubai

  • Elite Animation Team: Zaini Media has a highly professional team consisting of 2D and 3D animation artists based in Dubai, bringing along experience and creativity for any kind of project.
  • Industry-Leading Tools: At eDynamic, we’re using only top-tier software tools such as Autodesk Maya and Adobe Suite to ensure high-quality animations and stunning visual effects.
  • Understanding Your Vision: Our approach focuses on an overall understanding of your vision to create compelling visual storytelling.
  • Seamless production process: Finish the animation production process from developing a concept down to the final output delivery, guaranteeing efficiency and exceptional results.
  • Setting Standards: You can have faith in Zaini Media to set a benchmark for quality and creativity in animation, giving you touching and effective animation beyond your expectations.


How much does it cost to produce an animation in Dubai?

The cost of producing an animation in Dubai varies extensively based on complexity, person-hours, and studio reputation. It can amount to anything from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dirhams.

How long will an animation project take to complete in Dubai?

The timeline could be anywhere between some weeks to a few months, depending on the requirements in terms of scope and complexity for the animation project at hand.

What kind of software does the average animation studio in Dubai use?

Dubai animation studios use software such as Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Toon Boom Harmony, Blender, and Cinema 4D.