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Animation provides a fun and creative way to connect with an audience. No matter the target audience, animations can keep that audience more engaged for a longer period of time.

This not only gives you longer to make the points and get across the message you want to deliver, but can even encourage your audience to share the animated video online, creating even more marketing opportunities for your brand.

Knowing your target audience

It is crucial to be aware of the kind of audience you are targeting in order for an animated video to be successful. Generic animations aimed at an audience demographic that is overly wide will almost certainly not work, making it important to narrow down the target audience that the animated video is being created for.

Work out the average age of your target audience, the things they are likely to be engaged by and the kind of music they tend to enjoy.

Once you have narrowed down your target audience you will be able to have the animation tailored to the people you want to watch your video.

Directly addressing that audience within the video is a good demonstration of this. The audience’s mindset and particular circumstances can be described via voiceover, followed by the offer of a solution.

Making an impact

The use of animation can assist companies with emotionally connecting to their audience, which is of crucial importance in marketing. Tugging on the heartstrings will make people remember the video and thus your brand, and while storytelling is important a story that resonates with the audience will have a much bigger impact.

Business-related animation needs to be connected to the everyday life of its viewers, and once this has been done it is a good idea to demonstrate the positive impact you can have and have made life on the life of people just like them.

The animation needs to be good quality

When an animated video is created for a business, it is of crucial importance that that animation be of a high quality visual appearance and will not date quickly.

Many businesses that make use of animation choose the cheapest solution they can find to try and save money, but in the long term this approach will fail and make the video look dated and their company out of touch very quickly.

Customers will see the quality of the animation and associate that with the quality of the brand it is promoting, making it essential for the animation and every other aspect of the video to be of the highest possible quality.

Be on brand

Businesses can have different goals for an animated video, including communication the company’s values or simply trying to increase sales. Growing brand recognition is a common goal for the majority of businesses and to achieve this goal branding needs to be used in all forms of produced marketing collateral.

Animation enables personal branding to be used in all details of the video. The company’s identity can be promoted and the video’s message reinforced with intelligent branding techniques including using brand colours, logos, fonts and particular illustrations.

Audio needs to work with the animation

A successful animated video will draw in the target audience and completely capture their attention. While the visual aspect is dealt with by the animation, audio still plays a crucial part in the video’s success and needs to be in sync with the animation in order to ensure the viewer is left satisfied by the experience. A voiceover, matching soundtrack or sound effects can all be used to complement the visuals and deliver a message.

Animation can be a successful and rewarding marketing tool for any business. Contact our Dubai-Based team of animation experts for a cost effective solution for your animation needs today!


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