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There are many different types of videos, one of which is animation. Animated videos are particularly useful in getting the audience to understand complicated concepts and products. 

According to statistics, as many as 65 percent of people are actually visual learners, and the brain receives 90 percent of the information it is sent as visuals. Visual information is also processed by the brain at up to 60,000 times more quickly than text. 

Animated videos are therefore an excellent method with which you can bring a story to life and ensure that people can connect with the message you are trying to send in a dynamic way that will engage them anywhere and at any time. 

The expressiveness of animation

Live action video is great, but it also comes with a number of undeniable limitations that do not apply to animated videos. Animated videos enable factors such as characters, context, tone and perspective to be expressed in fun, inspiring and original ways.

In order to ensure that the audience is able to connect directly to the central concept of the video, animation has been shown to create a higher engagement level than that can be provided just by live action video. 

Holding attention

Animation is also better at holding the attention of the audience better than any other form of video. Animation is capable of evoking emotions that will resonate with people, make them interested in following the story that you are trying to tell and increase the likelihood that they will want to talk about what they have just seen once the video has concluded.

One great example of this that almost everyone will always be familiar with is Google Doodles. These animations are just so adorable that they make people want to immediately click on them. 

Audience identification

One of the best things about animated characters is that a fully customisable animated marketing video allows animated characters to be changed to come with specific features. 

This means that the animated characters can actually be presented in a manner that looks like their audience. If your audience is able to identify with the characters that they are watching then it will help them to connect with the video even more. It may even cause people to become trusting of your brand as they feel represented and that you know and care about who they are. 

The creative possibilities of animation

Animation comes with a vast array of creative possibilities in regards to telling your story in an artistic manner. Beautiful animation can even be used to deal with the most emotionally difficult concepts by tackling tough subjects in a neutral way. 

The production of animated videos is also a lot more adaptable and flexible because you have complete creative control all the way through the process.

The types of animated videos

There are a number of different types of animated videos. 

Whiteboard animation is one type of animated video that is particularly good for getting across complex topics in an accessible manner. These videos usually last between thirty seconds to just one minute but even when longer than that still have the ability to hold the attention of the viewer and enable them to remember more of the information for a longer period of time. 

Typographic animation is essentially moving text, which helps keep the viewer engaged because the text on the screen is actually moving. Entire sentences can be animated along with music and beautiful visuals. 

Cartoon videos are the most familiar type of animation, and are very engaging, capable of being used for any kind of video from general corporate brand overviews to tips and tricks etc. Our team here at Zaini Media specialises in the production of bespoke animated videos. Let us begin helping you to connect and engage with your audience – contact us today!


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