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Choosing the Right Kinds of Visuals for Memorable Corporate Videos

More companies than ever before are becoming aware of the importance of visual content. 

Visuals are a powerful tool for engaging the audience, making them a crucial factor in the production of memorable corporate videos.

Visuals make a crucial first impression on anyone watching a video, in much the same way as the cover of a book. However the style of a video needs to be there for the entirety of its duration, making it all the more crucial to choose a visual style that tallies with the overall aesthetic and personality of your business. 

Why does the visual style of your video matter? 

There are a number of different visual styles used in corporate videos today. These styles include the likes of stock footage and animated videos, animated graphics and still images, animated text, an animated presenter, live video with a presenter or interviews, and animated scenes and characters.

When choosing which of these styles to include in your corporate video in order to make it as memorable as possible, it is important to use logic to work out the style that would work best for your business. 



An arty style is popular with some corporate videos, able to encapsulate intriguing fonts and attractive illustrations or graphics. These visuals work well with businesses in more creative industries, be they product-related or service-driven. An arty visual style provides a great deal of freedom for businesses to show off the creativity of their talent. 


Bold is the name of another common visual style. This can be achieved by using the likes of snappy text animations, large fonts, geometric graphics and text that is all capitals. 

Another method of conveying an image of boldness is with the use of colour. Go for vivid hues rather than muted backdrops. 

This style is well suited to businesses that want to be noticed and make a statement, such as those in the fashion, tech or restaurant industries. 


One of the most common visual styles used in corporate videos is known simply as a “clean” style. This is a pared back, very simple visual style that usually makes use of modern fonts on a solid colour backdrop. This is very common for the simple reason that it is suited to many different kinds of businesses.

Whether you choose a text or vocal narration style, it also needs to be kept simple and crisp as there is no point in having a simple visual style only to clutter it up with long-winded descriptions. 

A clean visual style is often seen as an indication that your business is efficient, established, trustworthy and above all professional. 

The visual style is thus suited to videos made by businesses that want to emphasise either their reliability or the simplicity of their products and services. 


The other most common visual style used in corporate videos is elegant. An elegant style lends itself to sophistication, and usually features gradual panning within video clips, slow motion, and extravagant font styles as well as other forms of visual embellishment. This style is often used by businesses that pride themselves on being timeless and traditional and offer premium high quality service or products such as weddings and high class real estate. 

How to choose 

There are a few ways in which you can work out the visual style that would be best suited to your corporate videos. One good tip is to work out who your main industry competitors currently are, and check out the visual style of their videos. Make your own judgement as to how effective and appropriate you believe those visuals are, and adopt your own approach in response. 


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