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According to a study by Cisco, a multinational telecommunications technology company, 82% of the internet traffic is predicted to be comprised of video views by 2022. While most of this traffic could be personal messaging data and attached media files, many of them will fall under the category of content marketing videos, which are targeted at engaging audiences and compelling them to try the product, make a purchase or explore more about the concept. Video format has outshone blogs and infographics when it comes to content marketing. These can be promotional videos and brand storytelling ideally. But native advertising where the message or product to be advertised is carefully crafted into seemingly irrelevant video content is the new eye-catcher.

Surveys on marketers suggest that 87% of video marketers think video has increased traffic to their website. The primary goal of an advertisement is to lead to conversion. In which case, video still tops the charts. If a brand intends to attract the eyeballs and bag all the clicks needed to survive online, it will have to produce something out of the box that could excite the audience. And how do you do gain traction like that? Motion Graphics is how.

Motion design plays a huge role in the storytelling process. It integrates old school techniques, cutting-edge software, and your own unique creative input to create compelling work that elevates the brand value. Motion graphics is a style of animation that makes use of icons, graphics, and lines to convey the big idea of a video. More like the crossroad between animation, illustration, and graphic design. Purpose-driven pieces with the goal of presenting information to the viewer through the use of animated text or graphics is primarily how Mograph works. The designers rely on high-quality graphics that pop and slick animation. The field is evidently growing fast and the future of advertising is up and rolling.

Motion graphics is a simple way of conveying complex messages to the viewers. This fascinating field of design enables you to create incredible videos that captivate your audience. With Youtube being the second largest search engine in the world, video has become a great way of advertising your

business. Today, even high-end brands use motion graphics videos to tell inspiring stories, introduce their product to the audience. Besides the fact that videos are catchier and more interesting to watch, studies show that humans process videos 60,000 times faster than text, and visitors will stay 2 minutes longer on a website with video. This emphasizes that videos are not only more appealing to the mind, they are also consumed easier. This strategy will help you attract more visitors and increase your customer engagement. Animations are your tool to convert visitors into paying customers.

Studies have shown that by attaching videos to landing pages, the convergence increased 80%. Customers are more likely to be ready to buy a product after they have watched a video about it. Starting from wanting to demonstrate how your company works to promote a new campaign being launched, motion graphics wins over other strategies undoubtedly. The visual style of motion graphics appeals to a broader set of viewers. Features like low production cost and affordable design charges, fast development turnaround time, audience engagement, multi-platform compatibility, and an increased sharing potential are the notable advantages of switching to motion graphics.

Motion Graphic Designers are equipped with a handful of software to animate 2D and 3D graphic designs in order to tell stories, deliver emotional impressions, and bring brands under the spotlight. Well-crafted motion graphics and videos are proven effective at keeping audiences’ attention, thus making it more likely to get your story across.

Taking into account the exceedingly large amount of information available to us on a daily basis and the fact that the average attention span of the modern human has dropped to 8 seconds, it is important for the marketers to take their shot and make their impressions right away. Even if an article can provide an abundance of valuable information, a video can simply gain more traction than it. When your audience is online, they are not looking at the content but scanning as much as they can quickly. So, if your pitch is not interesting, they are more likely to move on to the next thing without a second thought. Graphics and eye-catching visuals have the power to grab the attention of the users in a fast-evolving online media space. Motion graphics goes one step further by combining audio, visuals, animation, and sound effects to attract the attention of the audience in an even shorter period of time. Irrespective of the industry you belong to, the motion graphics look can make your message more striking and engaging. According to a Facebook study, though motion graphics videos are usually 30 seconds to 3 minutes long, watching the initial 10 seconds of a social media ad with motion graphics is said to be enough to get the attention of the viewers.

Using Motion Graphics as a tool to explain a concept, commonly referred to as an “explainer video” has become a trending go-to strategy for marketers. Rather than explaining the hows and whys through elaborate text content, using explainer videos can get the job done swiftly within a lesser time. The impressive thing about motion graphics is that you can play with the theme and concept however you want. The flow of animation, the design of each element, the color scheme followed, and the background score sync can all be tweaked and customized to your comfort until you feel the video looks right and represents your brand the way you wanted it to.

Designs speak a lot about a brand. So, a moving design is guaranteed to come out striking. The versatility of a motion design project weighs in more credits than a traditional ad video shooting when cost-effectiveness is considered. From motion picture banners to explainer videos to animated infographics, motion graphics is the best tool to share an extraordinary brand story, convey the product value in seconds, and engage your audience within the time constraint. Thoughtful movement and motion integrated into your graphics make your content more realistic, authentic, and approachable in the eyes of the viewer. Motion graphics is a highly effective strategy when trying to appeal to and convert your target audience to potential customers.