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Cartoons were a big part of childhood for millions of people, with the fun imagery and bright colours of appeal to many different age groups. This kind of whimsy can be used in the present day to grab the attention of an audience, but even more important than engaging and entertaining that audience is touching them on an emotional level. If someone is able to form an emotional connection with your brand, it is much more likely that they will choose to become one of your customers. Animated videos of a high quality are thus are a good way for firms to connect with their potential customers on that level. Animation can still be a good fit for more serious businesses that wish to maintain an air of professionalism, as a more subtle approach can still be taken if they wish to avoid the wildly exaggerated style of cartoon characters. 

Why emotional animations are so important

The characteristics of emotional animations can not only increase your brand’s connection with customers but also bring out positive feelings that may even surprise them. People who make use of an interactive product and are entertained by it gain an often unconscious sense that the company behind that product cares about them. It is also a good idea to design your animation in the manner of a proper story, with a context, beginning, middle and end point that makes sense. Storytelling should always take precedence over bangs and flashes. However the emotional response should be kept in mind at all times. Humans have problems to solve and needs to be fulfilled, but we also have emotions and we enjoy moments that amuse us. When we are amused, our brains generate dopamine, which makes us feel good, and users who feel good are going to stay locked-in. The good news is there are a number of ways to use animation to generate the emotional response you want in your user. 

The importance of colour

One excellent method is to make use of colour. Different colours can affect people in different ways, and if there is a particular colour scheme associated with your brand then it is a good idea to make use of that in order to connect the animation with your brand in the minds of the audience. If not then you should keep in mind that people tend to be naturally drawn to bold primary and secondary colours. Colour can be particularly effective when used in whiteboard animations as you will be able to make some elements stand out more clearly. 

Why big is better

Another important thing to remember when trying to use animation to generate emotion is that big is better. Large images always draw the eye, and can be particularly impactful when used to depict an emotional response in an animated character. 

Let’s face it

This brings up another crucial aspect of animations – facial expressions. The great majority of animated videos made for brands feature a character that is fun and easy for the audience to relate to, and that empathy is encouraged by having that character display a recognisable range of emotions. Facial expressions in animations can be kept subtle and maintain a tone of professionalism while still bringing out feelings such as confusion, contentment, frustration, panic and happiness during the video. These are just some of the methods that can be employed to make that desirable emotional connection with viewers watching your brand’s animated video, a connection that can turn a potential customer into a real customer, and a one-time customer into a regular. Zaini Media is one of the most innovative and dynamic corporate video production firms in Dubai, and their modern filmmaking techniques combined with their catchy stories and cinematic visuals will make your animated video fulfil all your expectations. Contact them today!

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