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Video improves the conversion rate for customers according to the majority of businesses. 

But most scale-up and start-up firms have not yet really taken full advantage of the medium when it comes to using it to market their brand. In spite of video’s success rate, the most popular video website, YouTube, is only used by 52 percent of B2B marketers, according to a report on the social media industry by Social Media Examiner. 

But video marketing and the use of YouTube to deliver those videos can be incredibly powerful tools for B2B brands as they help to humanise their brands, engage potential customers, improve their SEO ranking on Google and create experiences that are much more memorable for customers. 

The importance of creativity

The upfront cost of making marketing videos can be an issue for many companies, of course, yet possibly an even larger obstacle is a dearth of creativity. Marketers who do not diversify their videos will find their audience dwindling rather than increasing. The truth about making engaging videos is that there is not a “one size fits all” model for success, and that making videos engaging is reliant on variety and creativity. Being creative can sound like it is easier said than done. However there are a number of different ways of creating and presenting videos that will result in diverse content and inspire even more creativity just because of their inherently different style. 

Telling a story

Many people believe that the future of content marketing is using videos to tell a story. Viewers are more likely to be grabbed by a compelling story and to then keep watching. A narrative format is a good fit for a B2B video and there are a number of ways to present such narratives, but even just having one person tell a story to the camera can be a simple way to create a worthwhile video in a very short space of time. 

Getting to know you

Another good idea is to conduct an interview with your brand leaders, as this will not only humanise your brand but also showcase your expertise and assist your company to build authority in your particular niche. Videos such as a “day in the life” of your organisation’s employees can provide a similar function. Such videos do not have to be focused solely on work and can include elements such as office birthday parties and fun and games, and can be very beneficial when it comes to recruiting new clients as it makes your company more relatable.

Event videos

Videos can also be used to help promote the fact that your brand will be a presence at a particular industry event, or showcase your attendance after the fact. These events offer plenty of chances to engage your industry fellows as well as capture fascinating sounds and sights and increase your overall brand awareness. 

Sharing success stories

Case studies and video testimonials can be one of a brand’s most effective marketing tools when utilised in the correct manner. Video testimonials offer your audience the chance to look at the actual work that your company engages in, while also allowing your satisfied existing clientele to provide their own perspective on the positive experiences they have had with the services or products that you provide. The main point of videos such as these is to hit on an angle that will genuinely interest an audience without being too self-congratulatory or overly promotional. 

There is no end to the different kinds of videos that your brand can make, from running series to industry news updates, animations, and interactive Q&A sessions and beyond, all of which can be effective in marketing your brand.


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