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Promotional videos are a great piece of content to show on a company’s social media channels, being easier for customers and potential customers to digest than large amounts of text, and many people would rather watch something than read it.

However it is very important to ensure that the content of the video is appropriate for the marketing you are trying to conduct. Viewers need to connect and engage with the video for the marketing to be effective, and the best way to achieve that is by having the video tell an actual story.

There are at least five types of storylines that can be used in promotional and marketing videos that have a proven track record of being able to connect with customers.

1. Make a Series of Fictional Stories

One excellent method of enhancing a brand via video is to make a piece of fiction, either as a one-off story or perhaps even as individual ongoing episodes with a running story. Canny marketers can use a fictional video to create stories in which their company’s services or products play a part. A good example of this is a storyline in which those services or products solve a problem being experienced by the main character in the story.

A series of fictional stories allow for your brand to be promoted while simultaneously entertaining the target demographic. Although professional actors do not necessarily have to be used, a good story coupled with a good performance will help to increase the believability of the story as well as the credibility of your brand.

2. Origin Stories

The origins of a brand and the early struggles of making it successful can make for a great idea for a storyline for a promotional video. If your brand came about in an interesting way, then use a video to tell customers about your story.

Let the audience know the difficulties the brand experienced at its inception and how those challenges were overcome in such a way that it was also able to benefit customers.

A series of videos that share this story is also a great way to demonstrate to viewers that the company cares about its customers and remains committed to the values on which the business was built.

This allows viewers to not only relate to your brand but also develop a deeper trust for it.

3. Customer Stories

Another great story idea for promotional videos is actually get the brand’s satisfied customers to tell their own stories.

Existing customers who faced challenges that were resolved by making use of your products and services are great for connecting with potential customers who may be experiencing the same issues.

Getting customers to take part in video stories and recount how they were able to solve a problem because of your brand will gain maximum engagement from your intended audience.

This strategy has an added bonus in that it allows customers to actually assist with the creation of content, taking some of that burden off your own shoulders.

4. Personal Stories

One of the best methods of getting customers to trust in a brand is to show there is a real person behind it. The sharing of personal stories conveying emotions, learned lessons, thoughts and vulnerabilities can help to educate, entertain and even inspire your audience.

5. Animated Stories

Animated videos that use cartoon characters tend to be very popular with all audiences and have an extra cachet given that even the most pedestrian of stories can be made more engaging when animated correctly.

Working with a creative agency such as ZainiMedia is the best way to ensure a quality animated or live action promotional video that will be able to really connect with customers.