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When filming a video to help with the marketing of a brand, the location used to make the video in can be every bit as important as the actors, music and dialogue selected to take part in the film.

There are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding on a video location, including the kind of location that should be used, choosing a specific location and then understanding the requirements of shooting in that location.

What type of location do you want to shoot your video in?

The first thing that needs to be decided is the type of location that your marketing video should be shot in. Locations can range from a professional studio to an office environment or even to go out on location and shoot a video in city, suburban or country areas.

The nature of the brand that the video is intended to serve as promotional material may sometimes decide that relatively simply.

If the brand is focused on office equipment or related technology, then shooting the promotional video in an office environment would make the most obvious sense.

Likewise brands that offer products or services intended to use in metropolitan or rural areas may at least wish to consider shooting some of their marketing video in those areas so as to better appeal to their target demographic.

The location needs to be able to complement the story that the video is intended to tell and reflect both the brand it is marketing and the audience it is hoping to reach.

Checking on the location in advance

If you are intending to shoot your promotional video outdoors either in full or in part and have a specific location in mind, it is a good idea to check on the location prior to the day of shooting.

There are a number of reasons for this, including scheduling shots depending on the required lighting and how to deal with unexpectedly bad weather.

If you are intending to shoot your promotional video in a standard office environment, then to do so in a real working office will almost certainly necessitate shooting the video after hours.

Even if the decision is made to shoot the promotional video within a professional studio, it is still a smart move to visit the studio prior to the shoot in order to fully understand the nature of the space that the video is going to be shot in.

The reason for this is that building an accurate production schedule is most efficiently done by working out the locations that are likely to be more difficult and having them placed in the shooting schedule depending on their availability.

Advance scouting of locations also allows the opportunity to preview all the shooting scenes and update storyboards and shot lists with more accurate pictures of the locations.

Location shooting tips

There are a number of other tips in regards to location shooting to make sure that the production of the video goes well and results in a success promotional item for your brand.

One good tip is to make sure that the script for the video is finished and set in stone before making a final decision as to the location in which you intend to shoot it.

Last minute script changes could result in the requirement for a new or different location or make the chosen location suddenly inappropriate.

If do intend to shoot outdoors it is also important to ensure that you have the necessary permissions to shoot a video in those locations.

Zaini Media can assist your firm with all aspects of video production to ensure the end result reflects positively on your brand.