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When you use animation for a corporate video you are helping to spread the word about everything your company has to offer in a way that will engage with all audiences.

An animated video is a powerful promotional tool for the selling of almost any service or product and is believed to offer an even stronger Return on Investment (ROI) than is the case with live video productions.

Video Brewery and Vidyard have conducted studies showing that animated videos can actually increase the customer’s intent to purchase by as much as 97% and are also more likely to keep the viewer’s attention throughout than live videos.

ROI in regards to corporate videos is normally calculated in relation to the video’s success in driving user registration and increasing sales as well as helping with brand awareness and education and to generate more leads.

Animated videos have been demonstrated to provide better ROI than live videos for a number of reasons.

Why is the ROI so high for animated videos?

Animation can be used for many purposes in regards to content marketing, but is most frequently associated with videos that explain what services and products are provided by a company, and what those services and products actually do.

Animation helps to take sometimes complicated subjects and simplify them into concepts that are easy to understand because ideas can be more easily translated into visuals than is the case with live videos.

Animations can also better show how things can be done in a step by step process and bring almost any idea to life onscreen, whereas live videos are limited by the need for actors and the confines of the real world.

Because animation videos are not restricted by these confines, anything can be made to happen that the animator wants.

The multiplication of conversion rates with animated videos

ROI is primarily driven by conversions, which is something that animated corporate videos have proven to be excellent at ensuring.

According to research, 73% of audience members have a greater likelihood of purchasing a product or service if they watched a promotional explainer video beforehand.

Animated videos have shown to be superior at combining narratives and characters with dedicated target insights for the best possible results.

The best for branding

Animation in tandem with customised illustrations provides companies with the kind of unique look that is essential for branding. Animations are a great way to help to define a brand.

This usually involves selecting colour palettes that are a good match for the image of a brand, using animated characters that the target audience will be able to relate to and then having a script to tell a story that is a reflection of the company’s big idea.

Animation and pitches

Animated videos also have a variety of uses. They can be published on the company’s website, embedded in marketing emails, used for a sales presentation and even posted on social media sites. The fact that animated videos are so versatile in nature means that there are virtually limitless possibilities for what can be done with them once they have been produced.

An animated video can be a crucial factor in the successful establishment of a successful industry brand and of your company as a market leader that can be trusted by consumers. These factors will in turn increase sales and provide a great return on investment for any animated video production.

While live videos may have their place, they simply cannot compete with animated videos in terms of either flexibility or results. Zaini Media specialises in providing high quality animated videos for companies in many different industries. Contact us today!