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If you want the video production process to go smoothly, then check out the following tips for getting your video content made right here in Dubai. Your UAE video production partner will need you to work with you closely to ensure that you get the right kind of content. So, what do you need to think of?

Prepare a Content Brief Ahead of Time

Before you go to meet with the Dubai production company, you should put together a content brief. This should lay out in as much detail as possible the message of your video, the kind of video you have in mind, and other details that you think might be relevant. In the brief, provide details about who your target audience is, what type of company you operate, and the kind of product or service you are trying to sell. All of this is very helpful to the video producers, and they will want to take the brief with them, and then develop a video from that information. Your meeting with them may cover some of the same details, but giving them a document they can refer to will ensure that your video turns out the way you want it to.

Request a Video Pitch

Before the production company starts to actually make the video, you should ask them to provide you with a video pitch. This can include a target video that functions as a rough working of what the finished video might look like. It should definitely include a detailed script, and some ideas about the shots that will be in the finished video.

Asking for the pitch early on ensures that you save money and stops the production company from wasting their time. The video producers may have a different idea of the video than you do, and this pitch can iron out the differences and help ensure that the right kind of video is being made.

Provide Reference Materials

As you get an idea how the video should look, you can send reference materials to the production company. You can share with them videos from other companies that are similar to what you are wanting. This can help to form their ideas as they make the video, and keep all parties on track as to how the finished video might appear.

Keep Communication Open

At all stages of the video production process, stay in communication with the Dubai video production team. Ask them any question you might have and make sure that you are available to receive calls or messages during the process.

Set a Budget

Figure out what your budget will be early on. Make certain that the Dubai production company knows how much you are working with, so that they can provide you with suitable services within that budget.

You don’t have to try to produce video content on your own. With the help of us here at, your company will have videos that leave an impact on your audience, and expand your market reach in the process. Get in touch today!