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A short video may not give you much time to work with, but can still be impactful, leaving an impression on the viewers and helping to sway them in a particular direction. If you’re making short videos for a Dubai audience, then you may want to know about these tips on how to add more punch, and more impact to your content.

Determine Your Message

If you would like to leave a lasting impression in a short amount of time, then you need to develop a definitive message for your video. That message should be clear and should resonate with your viewers. Figure out what that message will be first, and then you can work with a Dubai video production company to develop a video around the message.

Use Eye-Capturing Visuals

If you are going to get your audience’s attention very quickly, you need to grab them with sharp visuals in your video. You cannot waste their time with something unimpressive, and you can’t take a while to start showing them something. With short videos, the visual impact is key, and it is the visuals that will stick in the viewer’s mind and get them to share the video more freely. They might not want to share a video that has a good message, or great audio, but a lame visual presentation.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

When you only have a short time in your video to make an impact and get your message across, make sure you are not repeating yourself. You have to make every second count, so lay out your dialog carefully and check for any repetition that might turn off your viewers. Each second of the video should tie into the key message without hammering the point home in a repetitious way, and if your video does not do that, then you are likely to lose your viewers. You can bore them with overexposure to a single idea.

Avoid Dead Space

Dubai viewers don’t want to stare at empty space or videos where nothing is happening. Make sure your entire video is filled with only essential moments. If viewers feel like their time is being wasted, they will not finish the video. If they are bored, they will not share it or be swayed by the message. You should check the video carefully for any dead moments or instances where nothing important is happening. Every moment should either have a purpose, or it should be removed.

Short Videos Are Great

Don’t think that short videos are going to be overlooked by your audience, because people these days tend to have shorter attention spans than they did even just a few years ago. Research has found that shorter videos tend to get shared more. Just look at how popular TikTok is with its quick videos.

Working with is the right choice for businesses hoping to make impactful videos. Our years of expertise and large selection of services allows our clients to provide meaningful content that gives their business a boost. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you!