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Regardless of the nature of a particular industry or the size of the business within it, video marketing can be an important tool, adding a great deal to the reputation and overall credibility of your firm.

According to Google, half of all internet users are actively searching for video content when making a decision about product purchase, which makes video crucial in regards to content creation rather than just a possible option.

There are a number of ways in which a marketing video can be created that is actionable, attractive and effective.

Writing A Video Brief

The first key to writing an amazing video marketing script that will create the results wanted by your company is to come up with a brief for the video.

Writing a brief helps bring a greater understanding of the objectives behind the video as well as of the audience and the value that needs to be demonstrated to them.

An amazing video marketing script can be developed by insights such as the purpose of the video, the nature of the audience the video is aimed at and their online habits, the action viewers should take, the value the video brings an audience and making a decision as to which distribution channels should be used to distribute the video.

Understanding and empathising with the intended audience will create a greater knowledge of ways to effectively communicate with them by being aware of their motivations.

This will help with the creation of a video marketing storyline that can keep them engaged with content that is compelling, relevant and succinct and result in them taking the action you desire.

Writing An Outline

After the brief has been completed the next step is to come up with an outline of the video script.

Beginning with an outline helps to break the video up into different subtopics and allow you to work out how to progress the dialogue.

There is a particular method to writing an amazing video marketing script in order to ensure the effectiveness of the end result.

For instance, the script for a video cannot just be a blog post regurgitated in exactly the same way. The subsections used in a blog post on the same topic can however be made use of as a good starting point when determining how to progress the script from section to section.

A good outline can still be created for a completely original video script by working out the individual best practices of all the subjects you intend to deal with in the video. Examine where transitions could naturally take place when explaining a subject to an audience.

Have A Strong Opening

Video marketing content needs to be short and get straight to the point or the audience will simply not watch it. One good example of this is commercials, which have a general flow and structure that can be examined and echoed when coming up with a script.

The “hook” of any sales pitches needs to open a marketing video straight away.

Marketing videos that begin with that hook are more likely to keep people engaged for the entire duration and result in superior conversion rates, so the script needs to be structured accordingly.

Creating A Story

Any video content needs to have one or a few primary messages that are intended to be communicated to the audience. The key is to have those messages translated into a story that is simple and easy to follow in a video.

That story needs to logically progress between different points, beginning with an existing situation and ending with the point of the video, which is that the use of your company’s products or services has made the situation better.

Writing an amazing video marketing script will ensure the creation of the best possible end product. Contact Zaini Media for the best results in video marketing production.