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Dubai’s top animation company, known for cutting-edge media solutions and pioneering 360 video production. Our comprehensive services blend creativity and professionalism, transforming ideas into visually stunning experiences. Join us at the forefront of innovative storytelling.

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We empathize, define, ideate, and design. We weave our network by believing and understanding a culture built on diversity. We not only provide a service but also an experience to those who believe in us. At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to delivering not just solutions, but a transformative journey through the dynamic landscape of media.


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clients worldwide

Their on-site presence and demeanor is highly professional. They were in charge of filming the first virtual graduation of Khalifa University and I must admit their work is of outstanding quality. This was the first time we worked with Zaini Media, and they did not disappoint! The entire team was VERY thoughtful, professional, and creative throughout the entire process.

Sayed AlhashimiHead of Communications - Khalifa University

These guys are the type to exceed expectations. I’m without words for the level of professionalism, creativity, and in all honesty fun this was working with Zaini Media. They had quality content turned very quickly and their style fit our brand perfectly. We brought them an idea and they made it a reality. I get daily compliments on our video. I can’t thank them enough. We’re already looking forward to our next video project with them.

Mohammed MaroufHead of exponential - Cheil Samsung

I first found Zaini Media merely by a google search as we were struggling to find a professional, consistent and talented video production company to go hand in hand with. We were dazzled with the results at the end of it all. The quality of the final product is second to none and towers above the competition. A true first-class experience.

Steve WyattMarketing Manager - Yahsat

Video Production

Zaini Media a Video Content Agency, rooted in expertise, specializes in filmmaking and video production dubai, guiding projects seamlessly from concept development through production to meticulous post-production. With a commitment to excellence, we bring stories to life, ensuring every detail resonates with the essence of your vision.


To give life to a character or even an environment in accordance with the needs of our clients is something we take pride in. Our 3D Animation Companies In Dubai work over the clock to make sure every scene or shot is animated and delievered in the best possible way. With a commitment to creativity and precision, Our Video Content Agency transform concepts into immersive visual experiences that captivate audiences and exceed expectations.


An event is an occasion where people join in together without cultural barriers and the success of an event lies in the experiences that the people take back. We at Zaini Media make sure that every event experience is tailored to audience like never before. As a renowned media production company and one of the top production houses in Dubai, we not only specialize in 360 video production but also ensure that every moment is curated to leave a lasting impression. Join our Video Content Agency as we redefine event storytelling, transcending boundaries and delivering unparalleled experiences.

#WeIllustrate #WeDesign #WeCapture

#WeIllustrate #WeDesign #WeCapture

#WeCreate #WeFilm #WeAnimate #WeWrite

#WeCreate #WeFilm #WeAnimate #WeWrite

#WeCreate #WeFilm #WeAnimate #WeWrite

#WeCreate #WeFilm #WeAnimate #WeWrite

#WeCreate #WeFilm #WeAnimate #WeWrite

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  • Storyboard
  • Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Production Team
  • Equipment
  • Models
  • Locations


  • Storyboard
  • Director
  • Post-Producer
  • Animators
  • Compositors
  • 3D Visualizers
  • Illustrators


  • Moodboard
  • Show Director
  • Art Director
  • Event Producer
  • Production
  • 3D Mapping
  • Sound & Lights


Is there a way to mix 3D and live action?

Yes, We have worked on several projects in the similar style.

How long does it take to setup and visualize an event from scratch?

To setting up and visualize an event from scratch usually take 5-7 working days.

Can you combine 3D animation with live-action in projects?

Absolutely, we specialize in seamlessly blending 3D animation with live-action elements for dynamic and engaging results.

What's the average timeline for setting up and visualizing an event from scratch?

On average, it takes 5-7 working days to set up and visualize an event from the ground up.